Vertex Standard
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Vertex Standard P25
Public Safety
Two-way Radios
Vertex Standard P25 radios include APCO P25
interoperability and are designed to perform in
the most demanding and critical conditions
EVX-530 Series EVX-531 EVX-539 EVX-534
EVX-530 Series
eVerge™ radios operate in both analog and digital modes
and can be used with any existing analog two-way radios.
eMerge Durable Videos
eVerge radios withstand fresh water
submersion up to 3 feet for 30 minutes.

Serving California Businesses For Over 20 Years Fontana, Glendale, Long Beach, San Leandro and San Luis Obispo

Vision Communications is an elite dealer servicing and supplying radio and paging equipment to an array of customers such as government agencies at the federal, state and local levels, educational institutions industry, health care facilities and many more in every industry out there. We have five locations in California; Fontana, Glendale, Long Beach, San Leandro and San Luis Obispo.

Digital Radios

Whether you need ultra-thin portable or extra-tough mobile two-way radios, we have the right solution to fit your needs.

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Two-way Rentals

Looking for temporary communication solutions? We have a large inventory of Motorola two-way radios in our rental fleet.

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The Vision Difference

We have built our reputation on providing the finest communication solutions at affordable prices to our customers nationwide.

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Vertex Standard Videos

Check out the latest videos and learn more about the features, details and specs of Vertex Standard's reliable and durable products.

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Our Best Selling Radios

VX-P929 VX-P920 Series

The VX-P920 series offers state-of-the-art engineering and a wide array of features, providing some of greatest value in its class.

EVX-5300 VX-5300/VX-5400 Series

These eVerge™ radios are compact, precision-engineered giving you more capabilities and flexibility to communicate at your best.

VX-6000SEPA VX-6000 Series

Get high output power for greater coverage. Also, standard and dual control head packages available. Built for durability.

VX-459 VX-450 Series

The industrial grade VX-450 Series maximizes worker uptime with expanded safety applications and convenient built-in features.

VX-230 Vertex Standard VX-230

Find cost-effective communications with the VX-231 radio, which delivers more features and performance in its class.

VX7200 Vertex Standard VX-7200

The VX-7200 Series meets the APCO P25 standards is built with for dependable public safety and government communications.